Good Day Friends,
Every one has graduated for the year and I salute all of you. The best to you all as you move forward in life.

So, summer is officially here; the weather is warm and the gardens are growing. Each week we get new local produce with more variety; specially from Echo Hill, the first new potatoes of the season. It is amazing the flavor of a two day old potato. We will feature all of these local items daily on our menu.

As we go into the warmer months you will see lighter sauces, and a larger selection of seafood. I love working with seafood and summer is a great time to enjoy the fresh, light flavors of the treats from the sea. Ethan Wood of Wood Mountain Fish and NorPac Fisheries from Honolulu supply us with just great, fresh, quality seafood so I try to offer a nice variety each evening.

The staff is doing great, yes, a little tired as we have been working hard but we have added new people and they are working out well and the pieces are falling into place nicely. I am proud of my entire team and thank them all for the hard work.

We are closed this coming Sunday the 24th for no other reason but to give us all a Sunday off just to catch a breath.

We have made some nice additions to our wine list and there are some real treats on there so be open to trying new wines just like new food. I promise you the quality and value is there! I am a wine geek and want to provide all of you a nice list to select from.

Everyone, thank you so very much for all of the support! Sorry to all of you who we have to turn away, and please understand that we do what we do for all of you and we all want it to be a pleasant experience.

Be well and enjoy the summer.
Chef Martin.