1 Market Street, Lyme, NH 03768
In-House Dining Wednesday - Saturday
Seatings Begin at 5pm

Spring is on its way!

Good Day Friends and Family,
So April is here, we have our first crocus blooming in our back yard, I hit a few golf balls at the range, so spring is on its way!
My staff and I again thank you all for your support. We are through the tough stuff, and now we start the tweeking that will take a long time. It is the little details that makes the difference between good and great. That being said, we also need control to do this well. I am happy to say, we have most of it under control right now.
Reservations, ah yes, we are filling up every night and reservations are somewhat limited. We do have open seats at our bar and our two sitting areas for first come first serve, so last minute, give it a shot. One nice thing I really like about being on the Lyme Green is there are other options if we are full. The Latham Tavern and Stella’s are fine options.
We also spread out the reservations. Everyone wants to eat at six thirty or close to. We cannot sit everyone at once, so please understand we have to space out all of our reservations.
As for tables larger than 4, we are very limited. Please again understand that multiple large tables can be very disruptive to the flow of the kitchen. So we will only book three tables a night larger than four. We also need to, again, set the timing for these tables.
I really enjoy what I do and I receive many compliments daily, thank you all for that, so this control of our reservations allows us to continue to do what we do very well. And we will keep getting better.
Thank you all for your understanding, enjoy food, wine and life with family and friends and be well.
Happy Spring,
Chef Martin