Message from Chef Martin

Welcome to our restaurant at The Lyme Inn. Here we focus is on quality and variety in both our food and wine.

Wine was meant to be enjoyed with food as they are both the same; fruit from our mother earth. The ingredients and varietals of the world are vast. While we cannot cover them all, I will work on recognizing most of the growing areas of the world and their specialties, therefor our list will have a nice selection of different styles of wine from many different countries.

I am as passionate about wine as I am about food. I am comfortable saying that we have nice wines on our list. Please do try something different; see and enjoy the different styles and flavors of the world. The wine list will change with supply and season. It will also have some real gems at a nice value which will be starred. Also, many of the wines have some age. Most wines get better with age, so check them out for a real treat. Lastly, have fun with food, wine and life. Thank you very much for being a guest in my house.

Sparkling Wines     •     White & Blush Wines     •     Red Wines     •     Apertifs and Dessert Wines

Sparkling Wines

“il” Mionetto Brut, Prosecco, Italy
Split 13    Btl.  32
Soft, refreshing & crisp with flavors of green apple and peach.
Perfect aperitif or enjoy with seafood or pasta

Piper Sonoma Brut, Sonoma County, California
Btl.   34
60% Chardonnay, 25% Pinot Meunier & 15% Pinot Noir, this is a dry, fresh sparkler with crisp citrus flavors and hints of strawberry and vanilla smoke. Compliments crab cakes, sautéed shrimp or sushi.

Roederer Estate Brut, Alexander Valley, California
Btl.   52
60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir, this is a crisp, fresh and lightly fruity wine with pear, spice and hazelnut flavors. Enjoy with seafood and light poultry

Heidsieck & Co, Monopole Brut, Epernay France
Btl.   70
The official Champagne aboard the Titanic, full, rich and elegant, this Pinot Noir-dominant blend shows hints of red currant with biscotti and almond aromas and white peach, pear and toffee flavors.

White and Blush Wines

Guntrum Riesling 2017, Germany
Gl.  8.5     Btl.  32
Elegant with a classic riesling scent, paired with aromas of tropical fruits and
flavors of green apples and citrus, pineapple and melon. Excellent balance of sweetness and acidity.
For any occasion from aperitif to after dinner, spicy food.

P.J. Valckenberg Gewürztraminer 2016, Pfalz, Germany
Gl.  8     Btl.  30
From a well-known Vineyard, this wine is fuller bodied, fruity with a dry, tropical finish and floral nose, loves seafood and dishes with spice

Fleur de Mer Côtes de Provence Rosé 2017, Provence, France
Gl.  9     Btl.  34
With aromas and flavors of fresh watermelon, cherry, subtle citrus, lavender and herbs,
this medium-bodied Rose is fresh, elegant, and well balanced with a refreshing acidity,
soft texture and mineral finish. Excellent with seafood and salads.

Toucas Vinho Verde 2016, Portugal
Gl.  8     Btl.  30
One of the world’s favorite summer wines, this is an off-dry, light fresh wine with crisp fruit
and a touch of effervescence. Excellent with seafood, salads and some pasta.

Valle de la Puerta Clasico Torrontes 2017, Fatima Valley, Argentina
Gl.  8     Btl.  30
A wine dinner favorite, this beautiful summer wine, made from a uniquely Argentine grape,
is crisp, clean and refreshing. Excellent with seafood, salads, veal, pork and poultry.

Acrobat Pinot Gris 2016, Oregon
Gl.  9     Btl.  34
Light and well-balanced entry, full mid-palate, with a crisp lingering finish.
This wine is from a sustainably-farmed, certified organic vineyard.
Loves seafood and Asian-influenced dishes

Marcus Huber Hugo Gruner Veltliner 2017, Austria
Gl.  9.5     Btl.  36
Delicate fresh green apple and fruity aromas with flavors of lemon, lime and peaches & a solid fruit core, this is the ideal wine for seafood, white meat and light dishes like salads, or as an aperitif.

Ken Forrester Vineyards Old Vine Reserve Chenin Blanc 2017, Stellenbosch, S. Africa
Gl.  9.5     Btl.  36
Sustainably raised and hand harvested, full bodied, an excellent balance between fruit and delicate oak/vanilla flavors, this wine is excellent with spicy dishes and full-flavored seafood and chicken dishes.

Whitehaven, Sauvignon Blanc 2017, Marlborough, New Zealand
Gl.  11     Btl.  40
Aromas and flavors of tropical fruit with a rich palate and crisp, well-balanced finish.
Loves shellfish and seafood

Domaine Vacheron Sancerre 2017, Sancerre, France
Btl.  58
This 100% Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley is dry and fresh
with lots of ripe citrus and hints of nectarine and passionfruit with a light minerality and touch of smoke.
It loves pork, shellfish and spice.

Les Charmes Single Vineyard Chardonnay 2016, Burgundy, France
Gl.  10    Btl.  38
A rich, full bodied, dry white wine featuring fresh, crisp, slightly spicy flavors
and floral, fruity aromas with lemony nuances. A very good balance between acidity and sweetness.
Best with white meats, seafood & pasta.

Louis Latour Pouilly Fuisse 2016, Burgundy, France
Btl.  48
Louis Latour is one of the most famous producers in Burgundy.
This wine is 100% Chardonnay, aged in stainless steel, with complete malolactic fermentation.
It has wonderful floral aromas and round flavors of whole fruits with a lovely mineral finish.
Best with fish, shellfish, white meats or as an aperitif.

Talbot Kali-Hart Chardonnay 2016, Monterey, CA
Gl.  12     Btl.  45
A classic California Chardonnay from the Sonoma County Russian River Valley.
Light, crisp with notes of oak and a smooth finish. Excellent with seafood and poultry.

Landmark Vineyards Overlook Chardonnay 2014, California*
Btl.  49
An Iconic vineyard with a long history in California Chardonnay lore.
This is a beautiful well balanced classic California chardonnay,
This wine will love butter sauces with lobster and shellfish along with all seafood, poultry, veal

Chateau St. Jean Reserve Chardonnay 2013, Sonoma County, California*
Btl.  53
Another Iconic California Chardonnay with the nice oak, butter and vanilla.
A beautiful wine that is very food friendly


Louis Latour Valmoissine Pinot Noir 2015, France
Gl.  9     Btl.  34
A velvety texture with ripe cherry and strawberry fruits laced with vanilla and a rounded finish.
Loves braised dishes.

Recolte Bourgogne Pinot Noir Reserve 2014, Burgundy, France
Btl.  42
Classic French burgundy, on the dry side, with a hint of spice, this is a food wine pairs well
with meats, seafood, pasta

Carneros Hills Winery Estate Pinot Noir 2014, Carneros, Sonoma, California
Gl. 12     Btl.  45
Just a beautiful Pinot Noir from one of the premier growing areas in our country for this varietal,
nice fruit with a hint of spice, very food friendly with seafood, salads, pasta and many meats

Lea Pinot Noir 2014, Santa Barbara County, California*
Btl.  49
A really nice, fuller body Pinot with fresh fruit up front, this will pair nicely
with many seafood dishes as well as meat

Erath Estate Selection Pinot Noir 2015, Willamette Valley, Oregon
Btl.  55
Aromas of blackberry laced with vanilla, baking spice and root beer and flavors of
boysenberry, plum, graham and nougat with refined tannins and judicious acidity.
Try with wild mushrooms, duck, lamb or other red meats, salmon and chocolate.

Cafaggio Chianti Classico Single Estate 2015, Tuscany, Italy
Gl.  9.5     Btl.  36
100% sangiovese, aged in oak, this wine has a rich fruit flavor and an easy drinking style.
Try with veal, meat and braises.

Bodegas Ondarre Creator Rioja 2014, Spain*
Btl.  34
Spain’s signature wine, this blend of Temperanillo, Garnacha and Mazuelo
is a classic medium-body food friendly wine with fresh flavors and well- integrated tannins.
Enjoy with some seafood and most meats

“Tres Picos” Bodegas Borsoa Garnacha 2016, Borja, Spain
Btl.  36
Big, full bodied with luscious dark berry flavors and nuances of vanilla and plum,
loves braised meats, steaks, chops, pasta

Domaine de La Damasse Côtes du Rhone 2015, France
Gl.  9     Btl.  34
This Côtes du Rhone features a Grenache (60%) and Carignane (40%) blend
lending the wine soft fruits, some spice with moderate tannins and good acidity.
This wine is great with braised dishes, roasts and some seafood.

Auberge des Diacres Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2015, Rhone Valley, France
Btl.  54
A classic Rhone blend, this is a deep red colored wine with big fruit, hints of spice, and it just loves food

Rib Shack Red, 2017 South Africa
Gl.  8     Btl.  30
Featuring South Africa’s Pinotage, this 60/40 blend of Pinotage and Syrah is a full-bodied wine
with very nice fruit and a touch of spice. Pair with all meats, pastas and seafood dishes with some spice.

Alamos Selección Malbec 2015, Mendoza, Argentina
Gl.  9.5     Btl.  36
Their hallmark wine, this Malbec, featuring the signature grape of Mendoza,
has abundant rich dark stone-fruit flavors with a hint of spice and a lingering finish, loves meats

Domaine Terlato & Chapoutier Liieu-Dit Malakoff Shiraz 2013, Pyrenees, Australia*
Btl.  46
Syrah is just the big full body deep purple wine that I enjoy.
This is a real nice one, highly aromatic with black berry flavors, and perfect tannins.
Try with red meat, game, and braises.

Petroni Estate Grown Syrah 2010, Sonoma Valley, California*
Btl.  49
Just like the Aussie Syrah above, this is a big full body fruit bomb with
a food-friendly acid-tannin balance and a lively finish.

Buehler Vineyards Zinfandel 2013, Napa Valley, California
Gl.  9     Btl.  36
An enjoyable full body wine that loves spice, red meat, braised dishes
as well as Asian and Southwestern style foods

Our Red Blends

I am a big fan of blends, they showcase a winemaker creating his own personal style…..

Owen Roe Abbot’s Table Red Wine 2016, Columbia, Washington
Btl.   49
A very neat field blend featuring
Sangiovese (47%), Zinfandel (22%), Blaufrankish (19%) and Malbec (12%),
this Italian-style wine has nice mix of fruit and spice with a wonderful, velvety texture. Very food friendly.

Mark Herold Wines “Flux” Red Wine 2013, California
Btl.  47
Created by renowned Wine Maker Mark Herold, this classic Rhone blend features
Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre with a full body and bright fruit.
Enjoy with braises, game, meats and big seafood dishes

Niner Red 2015, Paso Robles, California
Btl.  45
A wild blend from a great house, featuring Cabernet Franc up front,
followed by Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon blended with small quantities of four more varietals. Bordeaux meets Rhone, these people are having fun! Loves food.

Chateau Grand Bouquet Saint-Émilion 2015, Bordeaux, France
Btl.  41
A unique Bordeaux blend, mostly merlot with some Cabernet Franc.
A real food wine, great with pasta, meats, fish

Chateau Tanunda, Triathlon Red Blend, Barossa, Australia
Btl.  38
An unusual offering from ‘down-under’, this Merlot-base blend includes some Grenache and Petit Verdot creating a nice, easy drinking red wine, as with all of these blends it is very food friendly

Precision Wine Co. “29 & Oak” Reserve Red Wine 2016, Oakville Appellation,
Napa Valley, California

Btl.  49
From a smaller boutique house based in the heart of Napa Valley focused on quality not quantity,
this blend is primarily Merlot, with a touch of Petite Verdot and Petite Sirah creating
a rich, full-bodied wine that is just delicious.

Precision Wine Co. “Method” Proprietary Red Wine 2015, North Coast, California
Btl.  42
The product of a collaboration between the wine maker and a master sommelier,
this boutique blend features Syrah, Zinfandel and Petite Sirah creating a fruity wine with hints of spice. Easy to drink. Try with bold seafood or lighter meats.

Ridge Three Valleys Blend 2016, Sonoma County, California
Btl.   60
Predominantly Zinfandel (65%), this fabulous wine with its bright fruit, spice and firm tannins
enjoys spice & smoke and all meats and braises.

Cline Reserve Series Red Blend 2015, California
Btl.  45
A rich, full-bodied blend of Cabernet, Cabernet Franc and Merlot with hints
of rich berries and dark chocolate, this food friendly wine loves beef, veal, lamb and braises

Chateau Ste Michelle “Indian Wells” Red Blend 2015, Columbia Valley, Washington
Gl.  10     Btl.  38
For Merlot and Cabernet lovers with a balanced profile and bold berry flavors,
a perfect match for beef, pasta, chocolate

Decoy by Duckhorn Sonoma County Red 2015, California
Btl.  54
This wine, aged in oak, features a blend of primarily Merlot and Cabernet
with aromas of boysenberry jam, brambles with lush red and black fruit flavors
with well-proportioned tannins and a long finish. Excellent with meats and braised dishes.

Stonehedge Grand Reserve Meritage 2014, Napa Valley, California
Btl.  55
This is a big boy classic Bordeaux-blend, hand crafted and well made,
with ripe fruit up front followed by a hint of spice and a dry finish. Loves all kinds of meaty dishes.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cedar and Salmon Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, Horse Heaven Hills, WA
Gl.  12     Btl.  44
This dark ruby Cabernet has aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla
and rich flavors of black cherry, currant and dark chocolate.
It is aged in oak and blended with a touch of Syrah, Merlot and Petite Verdot
to add spice, complexity and round out the flavor. Excellent with beef, bolognese and lamb.

Broken Earth Winery Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, Paso Robles, California
Btl.  58
This award-winning wine is nicely aged and delivers a classic California Cab
with ripe black currant fruit, fine tannins and great structure.
A truly enjoyable wine that is great with all meat dishes.

Brandlin Mount Veeder Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, Napa Valley, California*
Btl.  75
From one of Napa’s great cabernet producing areas,
this is a big, powerful cabernet of medium to full body with a concentration of black-fruited flavors
and a powerful backbone of tannin. Loves beef, lamb and braises.

Silverado Vineyards Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, Napa Valley, California
Btl.  110
From one of Napa’s great wineries, we let this one sit in our cellar for a few extra years
to allow the wine to really shine. Lovely fruit with a hint of spice. enjoy!

Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, Alexander Valley, California
Btl.  130
From one of the premier cabernet producers in California,
this is a full-bodied wine with great fruit and notes of pine and vanilla, both intense and well balanced. Pairs well with beef, veal, pork that has hint of smoke or spice

Apertifs and Dessert Wines

Eden Iced Cider, Vermont
Gl.   13
From 100% Honeycrisp apples, this ice cider has a pure apple flavor with the characteristic sweetness and zesty finish of the Honeycrisp. Pairs well with fruit and baked desserts.

Taylor Fladgate Ten Year Tawny Port, Portugal
Gl.   9
An excellent tawny blend, aged in oak casks, elegant and smooth with a spicy palate and rich fruit this port is a superb dessert wine, particularly with dishes made with chocolate, coffee or almonds.

Frost Bitten 2014 Ice Riesling, Yakima Valley, Washington
Gl.   9
Sweet and silky with apricot and pear flavors with hints of clove. Try with seafood, poultry and cheese

Please ask your server about nightly Dessert Wine offerings