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In-House Dining Wednesday - Saturday
Seatings Begin at 5pm

A Word from Chef

Good Day Friends and Family,
So, first, I will stop talking about the weather…. Spring will come and I will play golf!
As we all know, every one wants to go out Saturday night, so we fill up every Saturday night… usually a couple days prior. Friday nights also fill up, usually the day of. Naturally, the last reservations available are either early or late. As I have posted before, we need to spread out the reservations so we get a nice flow to the service and food preparation. So, for the weekends, please plan ahead and I hope you all understand when we ask you to be flexible with your timing.
Thursday, Sunday and Monday are on the lighter side right now, so, for now, on those days you can be more of a last minute planner. This, however, is likely to change come June.
Food Alert!! I have slow-braised Short Ribs for this weekend! As the season changes, I go to lighter food styles, but braised meats are in, and I love making them….. so we will have some on our addition menu this week.
For our Veal Sweetbread lovers, I have ordered some and will have them on the addition menu next week, starting Thursday the 26th. This is an item you either love or not. No worries, there will always be other options.
Lastly, we have changed our Ariana’s Favorites Menu a little, working with the changing season. I know my friends at Crossroads Farm, Echo Hill and Root 5 Farm have busy hoop houses and soon the ground will be planted. When we finally have some local produce, it will be highlighted every night.

Everyone, thank you as always for your continued support, and lets all get outside and enjoy the sun when it comes.

Be well, Chef Martin