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In-House Dining Wednesday - Saturday
Seatings Begin at 5pm

A Word from Chef Martin…. regarding reservations

Good Day Friends and Family.

Well, spring has come in our beautiful Upper Valley! We can almost watch our plants grow. This is such a special time of the year for me, just watching our valley turn green and the fields starting to produce great tasting vegetables.

Mother’s Day has past, which means, in our business, the busy season is about to begin. For this reason, I strongly suggest making reservations in advance. Also, as I have mentioned before, and I say this with apologies, and hope you will understand, we are very limited on tables larger than four on all nights.

Why? Because I really care about our food and the entire guest experience. I now have a chance to live my dream, and spend the rest of my life in the Upper Valley, connected to the local community. I want to continue to learn, teach my staff new skills and keep introducing neat proteins and vegetables in creative fashion. I cannot achieve this by serving multiple large tables. Our food is all made from scratch, cooked to order, and then the plates are composed. For this reason, larger tables are very disruptive to the flow and can delay service for other guests. So, if you are a party larger than four, we have two tables available each night. One for 5-6 people and the other for 5-8. That is it, so please plan ahead.

For a special night, we can offer our really nice tasting room which is available once each evening for a group of up to 12 people. In this room, we really like to show off what we can do and therefor we offer a limited menu. We prefer to serve a multi-course tasting menu, paired with wines, which is a great food experience for all, but will be open to 3 course limited menu for a while.

I am very fortunate to have my business at the Lyme Inn and I want to be proud of what we all create for a very long time.

Thank you for your understanding and for all of your support and, most of all, the many compliments my staff and I get from our friends every night.

Lastly, we are now geting our first local produce from our dear friends at Echo Hill Farm, and Root 5 Farm and Crossroads Farm are close behind!

Sorry for the long post….Be well, and enjoy the green! Chef Martin