1 Market Street, Lyme, NH 03768
In-House Dining Wednesday - Saturday
Seatings Begin at 5pm

A beautiful day!

A Beautiful Good Morning to all!

On this sunny Thursday, the last day of May, I know the summer season is upon us. Here we go, right up to Labor Day. My staff is getting stronger by the day. We are now receiving fresh local vegetables daily, particularly from our friends at Echo Hill and Root 5 Farms.

The Soft Shell Crab Season is here for maybe another week or two, so I will bring in six dozen of these fresh seasonal treats each weekend they are available, so enjoy them while they last.

This warm weather is also the time for seafood and salads. We will continue to feature many different types of fish, since working with the vast array of seafood is my favorite. One can be very creative with fish and shellfish, and I get great quality, so when you visit, try something new.

For us, it also means full every night. So, please, plan ahead in making reservations. I am honored to have so many summer visitors who plan ahead and make reservations for us every year when they visit. It is a great compliment to myself and all of my staff, and I thank all of you for all for the support and understanding as we grow.

Right now, with the great weather and long afternoons, the Patio is raising interest. We are not ready to open it yet, simply because I need it to be well staffed to do it properly.  When we do open it, The Patio will always be for cocktails only. We will not serve any plated food out there; the only exception that cheese and meat boards will be available, along with wine, beer or cocktails. Later on, we may test a more casual approach.
Just another step along my journey…..

Graduation weekend is coming up and we will start taking reservations for that weekend tomorrow. Dartmouth College and its students have been most wonderful supporters of Ariana’s since we opened. To the graduates, I salute you all and congratulations! To all students, please consider visiting us with parents or a smaller group. The best way to enjoy the food experience at Ariana’s is with a group of four, or just the two of you.

Bless you and remember, buy local, you can always be assured it is the best.

Be well, Martin