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What about those straws?

Straws….. drinking straws, cocktail straws and stirrers…. all made of plastic… are fast becoming a major environmental problem.  When the time came to order more straws, we decided that we wanted to move away from single-use plastic.

We knew that we did not want to use paper….it falls apart in your drink and tastes terrible! But what, then, were the alternatives?  Bamboo? Metal? Neither of these seemed viable.  We then discovered HayStraws . These are straws are literally made from hay!  They are all natural, biodegradable and even gluten free! We sampled them for a couple of weeks and found that while they are a little more fragile than the traditional plastic, they do not break down in your drink or change the taste, so we decided to make the switch!

We moved to the new straws in early June and have not looked back.

#cleanseas #turnthetideonplastic #volvooceanrace